How We Help

We bring our expertise and unique Grand Prix experience to your project.

We Start with You

Before anything else, we ask a lot of questions about the bike, its use, how you ride and what challenges you'd like us to overcome. Challenges like these:

  • You've rebuilt the entire bike, gearbox, engine or cylinders, and now you need custom pipes
  • You've started to adjust compression ratios or cylinder ports heights and sizes and you need high performance pipes to match the changes
  • You need to repair or replace original pipes for an exhaust upgrade
  • You're building a bike from scratch and need a specialist exhaust to squeeze every last bit of power out of the engine
  • You're converting a road bike to a racing bike


We have possibly the biggest collection of expansion chamber templates in the world. So our starting point is deep expertise and know-how. But that's just how we start your brief - then we recognise the balance between drive and top end power - because a pipe is a compromise. The pipe has to work at all the speeds in all the countries you're intending. And that means custom design.

Hand Fabrication

After the design, we hand-fabricate your pipes using our templates, our design and our experience. We cut the tapered bend shapes and allow for angle changes and even metal stretch. Pumping the shapes with oil can make for optimal exhaust gas flow, but only experience defines when, where and how much pressure to use in the fabrication process.


We fit the pipes to your machine, tuck them in for maximum ground-clearance and make suitable mountings to eliminate unwanted vibration cracking and to improve aerodynamics.


And finally, after you've tested the bike, we can provide further development in our workshop.

Our Services

  • Designed to your individual bike
  • Fabrication to race standards
  • Repairs optimised for improvement
  • After-sales adjustment and tweaking
  • Optional testing - dyno-testing or track

Our Resources

  • Probably UK's biggest exhaust template pool
  • Hand-crafting improves performance
  • Round the clock operation


Photo of hands on exhaust pipeAll our work is hand-crafted, lovingly designed and thoroughly tested by experts.


Photo of race trackEvery pipe that leaves our workshop is tuned for optimum performance on the track.

Classic racers & collectors

Photo of racing bikesWe serve collectors, enthusiasts, riders and racing teams from all over the world.

Easy To Book

Photo of diaryIt's easy to book your bike in. Just call us on 01793 854 770 and we'll book a slot for you.